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I gather ideas by photographing barns and talking to folks who

know about barns or used them. I look for infomation on the

construction and changes in the barn throughout it's life time. From my notes and photographs, I select subjects with strong visual appeal and colorful histories. 

I love all things Minnesotan, the people, the places and the attitude.  It is my home and through my art I want to share my art with others. 

Art of the month


I do pencil drawings in both color and black & white.

I create images from photographs and designs using  Photoshop.

I run limited edition prints using a variety of techniques including intaglio on zinc, relief prints and photogravure. I also create limited edition books from selected prints using a variety of printing techniques.

I weave tapestries and  rugs, three dimensional pieces including reed baskets, willow baskets and willow sculptures.

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